Accommodation & Job Offerings

Accommodation & Job Offerings

Accommodation services

Express Consultancy provides accommodation assistance to all its students in the destination country, helping newcomers secure their accommodation before or after their arrival. Therefore, this may involve housing problems or even assistance in relocating after arrival. During the enrollment of students, the councillors of Express Consultancy maintain inter-communication with the housing officer of the educational institution of the destination country so that no student has to deal with housing issues after moving to the destination country.

Part-time jobs assistance

Going abroad for higher education is a significant expense for any international student. However, while studying in the destination country, international as well as Bangladeshi students are allowed to do part-time employment which becomes full time during vacations. While this part-time job may not cover all the costs of a student’s education, but it can be convenient for housing and transportation costs. It is also essential to keep in mind that after completing the first course in all those countries including UK, Canada, Australia, USA and Denmark, students will be allowed to work full time up to 1-3 years in different countries which is called PSW or PGWP. Express Consultancy provides useful assistance to its Bangladeshi students in gaining part-time employment.