Counsellor – Student Relationship

Counsellor - Student Relationship

In addition to online and apps services, Express Consultancy has experienced counsellors trained from home and abroad. Their first goal is to establish a service-oriented relationship with all incoming students with a thoroughly professional approach.

Since our counselling relies entirely on online databases, our counsellors follow specific procedures. Counsellors usually write a case study of the student’s academic profile, and he or she adopts a general idea about it and inputs the necessary data into our software. Counsellors help students choose their desired country and educational institution by analyzing their academic outcomes and prioritizing their wishes. In this case, our counsellors motivate the student to make the right decision, keeping in view the choice, ability, future objectives, and goals. At the same time, the student is given a clear idea about the climate of his desired country, the prevailing rules, and regulations, values, and traditions, the whole lifestyle starting from the currency.

After taking the decision, the council started selecting the documents according to the educational institution’s needs. Counsellors arrange a meeting with the student and his / her guardian in consultation with our policymakers and legal officers if they feel advanced counselling or complications when talking to a student is needed. The technical problems are solved by showing the user manual to the students who receive services from us through our mobile apps. If a student has difficulty coming to the office, the counsellors provide him/her with a video conference at a pre-arranged time. Upon receiving the full final offer letter from the university/college at the end of all the activities, the counsellors provide various guidelines for the visa processing activities. Express Consultancy confirms that their students are given an idea about instructions on the exact time frame for the entire admission process to visa application and their step-by-step updates.

Apart from counselling with students, our counsellors offer pre-departure orientation briefings and post-arrivals services with airport pickup, transfer from institution to accommodation, social, cultural, and online-offline communication, so that students can without much of a stretch discover answers for their issues. Since Express Consultancy never has faith in exceptional manner communication, counsellors proceed with their correspondence until the student gets his typical reaction.