Covering a lot of Countries

Providing counselling services in more than 35 countries

Express Consultancy provides support to Bangladeshi students pursuing progressive higher education and career-oriented education over 35 nations, including Australia, Canada, the UK, USA, and Germany. Students should have access to academic and personal counselling to help them study and live in the destination country before going to study. Therefore, it is why Express Consultancy advises its students on study, visa, travel, living options, and other expenses international issues. These recommendations are based on the age, education, and socio-economic profile of the students. Also, students are given detailed ideas on what kind of help they can get from their teachers, faculty, or international student office while studying at a foreign institute. Procedures such as enrollment, preparation, and submission of visa applications are discussed, and special attention is paid to underage students. We use many methods to provide accurate and comprehensive advice, such as,

  • Asking questions to know each student’s individual preferences and situations and listening to them carefully as well as researching the course, educational institution, and destination countries properly.
  • Face facingcounselling
  • Provide brochures and information packs
  • Audio and visual presentation
  • Help students to tune the new technological services by downloading the ‘Express Consultancy’ mobile app.
  • Storing and performing data of students through CRM software.
  • Provide seminars and lectures.