Migration & Tourist visa Processing

Migration & Tourist visa Processing

Immigration assistance

Express Consultancy includes admission and visa processing of Bangladeshi students as well as Bangladeshi skilled government employees, employees in private companies, doctors, engineers, chefs, cooks, welders, carpenters and technically skilled migrants to developed countries like Australia, Canada and UK. Express Consultancy provides services such as file processing, visa processing, ECA and job sponsorship with its panel of immigration lawyers. The main areas of their operation are linked to various skilled migration schemes in Australia such as subclass 189, 190 and subclass 483, i.e. Blue Caller Worker s, Express Entry, PNP in Canada, and Point-Based Skilled Migration in, Tier 5 Temporary Worker Visa work in the UK.

Visitor Visa processing & Air ticketing

Express Travels, http://expresstravelsbd.com/ is also an organization of Express Consultancy management. So, Express Consultancy brings one-stop solution such as education visa, migration visa service as well as the tourist visa, air ticketing, training visa, family sponsor visa, business visa in all countries of the world including Europe, America, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia and Holiday Visa on the same platform for Bangladeshis.