Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

The central objective and goal of Express Consultancy are to bring students who want to pursue higher education in foreign educational institutions under a one-stop digital platform and to provide their overall support from there.

One of the Express Consultancy’s target is not only to equip accurate and digital information and advice digitally and distinctly but also to provide services to all students connected to the Express Consultancy through interviews at foreign embassies in the country.

We foresee that our interaction will be successful in our immediate interaction with the students by providing services with a complete corporate context through direct two-way communication, online services, and a wide range of social correspondence frameworks.

Express Consultancy believes in the independent expression and decision making of a student, even though we offer careers at various levels, starting with career counselling and admissions to the desired educational institution. One of the goals of Express Consultancy’s work plan is to develop the overall situation by making a student self-confident in making decisions in the right direction and building mental endurance to adapt to a whole new environment.

In most cases, students are often bewildered about their careers after studying abroad. Therefore, one of the aims and objectives of Express Consultancy is to provide post-education counselling and career assistance to any student going abroad through Express Consultancy through career counselling.

In the current global context, the conversion rate of Bangladeshi students enrolled in foreign universities, and visa success is negligible compared to other third world countries. Hence, Express Consultancy will continue to work through its new apps service, capable counsellors, and rare exposure to address this shortfall in the country-based consulting firms and to increase the transformation pace of admission and visa success of Bangladeshi students in the world.

Our Team Express is focused on guaranteeing high conversion rates for understudies and the institutions we work.

Our main objective is to start a new horizon in front of the young generation in line with the plan formulated by the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in the field of education and information technology.