Pre Departure & Post Arrival Services

Pre Departure & Post Arrival Services

Pre departure orientation briefing

The service provided by Express Consultancy Pre-Departure Orientation Briefing to Bangladeshi students on their way to higher education is a unique and unique milestone in Bangladeshi education consultancy industry. Express Consultancy will go down in history for launching an unimaginable service culture for Bangladeshi students in line with the quality of service in the developed world and line with the demands of the age. The student consultants at Express Consultancy Firm aim to provide practical information about what a student should expect after moving to the destination country. Many times the educational institutions of the destination country provide pre-packaged for student counselling. Students can receive information through individual counselling, group orientation sessions, information packages and interactive online presentations. In some cases, institutions may conduct briefings for students in their home countries before departure, which Express Consultancy ensures for its students. Before a student leaves Bangladesh, Express Consultancy gives him information about:

  • The destination country’s local climate, local environment, community and campus.
  • Arrangements to reach the destination country or other accommodation preparation.
  • Preparation for independent living while in the destination country.
  • Giving a clear idea of safety and security and how to use public transport.
  • Telephone and internet access.
  • Currency, banking and shopping.
  • What can be expected from the educational institutions of the destination country.
  • Enrollment, adaptation, and start date.
  • Knowing and understanding the relationship, etiquette and appropriate and inappropriate behaviour of the destination country.
  • Sensitive preparation (e.g. for culture shock and homesickness).
  • What to pack and what not to pack before leaving Bangladesh.
  • What type of travel insurance should be booked to cover health and resources while outside Bangladesh.
  • What documents need to be carried, read and understood.
  • What to do at the airport (reception and transfer)
  • What happens on the day of arrival.
  • Who to contact for problems and information.

Personal arrangements: While Bangladeshi students are absent from the country, they may need to close their accommodation or privatize, store personal items, close accounts, cancel utilities, and change study addresses. Thus, Express Consultancy can go a long way in helping its students prepare for their departure with timely reminders and advice on such matters.

Post arrival services

Students face many challenges as soon as they go to a destination country with a study visa. In most cases, it is seen that the students are not able to procure everything according to their needs as they do not have previous experience and are not accustomed to the local lifestyle. The main problems that students face immediately after going to the destination country are pickup from the airport, accommodation, transportation, finding a part-time job, opening a bank account, finding a medical service centre. Express Consultancy is the ideal partner to meet all these services of Bangladeshi students as per the highest demand. The counsellors of Express Consultancy know what obstacles a student may face and what they may not know after moving to the destination country. Express Consultancy assists Bangladeshi students by maintaining inter-communication with relevant departments of its partner educational institutions in the destination country.

Reception and Orientation: Educational institutions in the destination country usually provide reception and orientation services to make the first experience of their international students as easy as possible. The scope and cost of these services may vary considerably in different educational institutions in different countries.The educational institution conducts orientation sessions to acquaint international students with the necessary information about their course, institution and locality. The information provided in the orientation is supplemented by a student handbook provided during the sessions. The orientation of international students usually includes information about educational institutions and practical assistance with the local environment. In these cases, the consultants of Express Consultancy know what reception and orientation services the educational institutions provide and how well they fit the needs and expectations of the incoming students. Therefore, this is why all the students in Express Consultancy hope to feel lucky and safe after going to the destination country.

Airport Pickup and Transfer: A representative of the educational institution or Express Consultancy international team meets the students arriving at the airport and transfers them to the campus of their institution or directly to their temporary or permanent residence. Express Consultancy ensures Bangladeshi students who and what they will look for at the airport and what to expect on the day of arrival.

In case of emergency during the study: When the course starts after going to the destination country, Express Consultancy maintains direct contact with the students and is involved with their educational institution. In particular, Express Consultancy always provides possible assistance in contacting the parents or families of the students residing in the country and if there is a need to revoke or change the enrollment of a student after moving to the destination country. In the event of an emergency, Express Consultancy reports the situation to the educational institution and the student’s family, which may include:

  • Treatment: An accident or serious illness
  • Family: Student needs in a family crisis
  • Financial: Students cannot pay their tuition fees or living expenses.
  • Visa Consent: Students have violated their visa requirements.
  • Academic: Students fail or cannot handle their course.

In these cases, Bangladeshi students are immediately contacted by Express Consultancy for advice on their options and referred to the appropriate staff of their educational institution. In an emergency, Express Consultancy maintains contact with students’ parents or families and provides information about their emergency and whom to contact for advice or assistance. Moreover, Express Consultancy acts as a liaison and interpreter between the family and the educational institution in crisis moments.