Scholarship & Money Rewards

Scholarship & Money Rewards

Scholarship assistance

Express Consultancy is a student recruiting partner of over 1000 world-renowned universities and colleges. The Express Consultancy firm works with renowned educational institutions in many more countries, including the United States, Australia, Germany, the UK, and Canada, which have their world-renowned research faculties and academic faculties. All these educational institutes usually provide 100% scholarships to international as well as meritorious Bangladeshi students for which the students have to write good research papers, high-quality motivation letters and appropriate cover letters in addition to good results. So, Express Consultancy has a skilled team to assist Bangladeshi students in all these activities.

Money Reward Program

Express Consultancy Firm provides services for Bangladeshi students that were once unimaginable. Furthermore, in its continuation, it provides another exceptional and effective service for Bangladeshi students called ‘Tuition Fee Weaver Program’.Express Consultancy Firm usually selects around 50-80 lucky Bangladeshi students each year based on various cultural and exceptional activities to whom they pay US dollar 1000/person free before spending the second year tuition fee. Moreover, this money comes from the self-fund of Express consultancy.