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The Swiss connection

The mention of Switzerland immediately brings up vivid images of mouth-watering chocolates, cheeses, Swiss watches, world-renowned banks, the red cross, and the breathtakingly beautiful Swiss Alps. A country with a rich history, Switzerland has the advantages of a blended culture, built on the combined historical influence of the French, German as well as the Italians.

Since Switzerland has no raw materials, it must import, process and resell them as products. The service industries are arguably the most important part of the economy. These include banking, insurance and tourism. It is considered No.1 in Hot leering, Finance and Dairy Products.

Switzerland has a high quality system of education that is relatively accessible to foreign students. The student population of some universities, for example, consists of over 40% foreign students, and this trend is on the upswing.

About two thirds of the area of Switzerland is covered with forests, lakes and mountains. You will find towns steeped in history, cities that are very cosmopolitan and offer the usual facilities that you would expect from any major European City, as well as traditional wooden – chalet mountain communities that have been established for centuries.

Major events, such as the Zurich Street parade, Féte du Genève, Verbier Extreme, Swiss Open Tennis Tournament among many others provide a constant flow of fun and excitement to people from all over the world. Also, the beautiful mountain ranges have made skiing and snowboarding a national pastime.

As a European business hub, several university courses have links with locally based businesses. Special strengths are in banking, machine tool and precision engineering. Other strengths include chemical and pharmaceutical engineering, and great hotel and tourist educational departments.

The country has been very successful in attracting the investment of foreign multi – nationals and businesses, also one of the reasons for its huge banking sector. The Swiss are multi – lingual; often speaking four or more languages, thus trade expansion and travel across Europe become hassle-free.

Additional information about Switzerland


German, French, Italian & Romans

Official Currency
Swiss Franc (CHF)

Temperate, but varies with altitude; cold, cloudy, rainy/snowy winters;cool to warm, cloudy, humid summers with occasional showers.