University & Course Selection

University & Course Selection

University selection

Before going abroad for higher education, a student must have a good idea about foreign educational institutions such as universities/colleges. A system structure governs all the types of institutions in each sector of the education system of such a destination country, and the names of the institutions, age limits, pronunciation points, entry requirements are essential. In these cases, Express Consultancy with its skilled and qualified mentors and counsellors informs every student who comes to them about the various legal aspects of the educational institution of the destination country such as accreditation and registration of that institution, marketing and registration, education provision, care responsibility and business operation. Express Consultancy wants to ensure that none of their students is exposed to unintended dangers while studying abroad.

Assist students in choosing the right and practical course

Bangladeshi students need to have an idea about the courses available for them in the destination country, the qualifications, that they have obtained, and their equivalence with the qualifications of the homeland. To do this, one needs to understand the structure, course and qualifications, equality and recognition of the destination country. When a student’s qualifications and experience do not meet the requirements for admission to the course he or she wants to study, the student’s mentor has to create a learning path for them to reach the desired level. Obtained results from the previous course must meet the entry requirements for the next course. Sometimes, students take a language course to increase their proficiency in the language indicated for admission to their desired course.

Furthermore, again, students undertake a foundation program to prepare for the desired course. Usually, these national programs contain both language and academic material and are specifically designed to prepare international students to study in the destination country. Some foundation programs are associated with specific courses. Students take a semi-professional diploma course that is included in a bachelor’s degree program at the university. Courses vary according to their academic, age and career requirements. For example, most courses have a minimum academic prerequisite, without which students are not able to cope with the level of course content or teaching methods. Similarly, there may be a minimum (or maximum) age for admission to the course, based on the expected cognitive development of students within that age limit. Some course prerequisites may specify career experience (e.g., business or technical courses).

Also, Bangladeshi students usually have to prove their proficiency in the language of instruction. Choosing the right and suitable course is very important and challenging for the students going abroad for higher education, and this is because there are many calculations behind choosing the course. It may be a matter of a student’s academic and linguistic ability, but it may also be a matter of financial ability that students are not always able to handle on their own. Sometimes, students fail to get the admission at a university because the contemporary academic qualification of a student is not enough for admission at the university of his choice in the country of his desire. Express Consultancy is a recruitment partner for more than 1000 universities/colleges around the world, who can meet the admission and visa requirements of Bangladeshi students according to their preferences and abilities. Keep in mind that choosing the right course can guarantee 100% visa because if the course is not selected in the same category based on the contemporary qualifications of the students, it will be the reason for visa cancellation. Express Consultancy selects suitable courses for admission and visa assurance of all types of students based on merit, as they have business relations with all types of universities/colleges, who offer language courses, certificate courses, diploma courses, short courses and bridge courses before the main courses. At present Express Consultancy is one of the most reliable firms for Bangladeshi students because they have a hardworking, committed, 100% service ensuring management and operations unit. Express Consultancy has always shaped itself differently, before entering the education consultancy industry, the mentors and counsellors of Express Consultancy have prepared and pledged themselves to fulfil 100% of the aspirations of Bangladeshi students.