University Enrolment & Interview Guidance

University Enrolment & Interview Guidance

Collaboration on offer letters and admissions in universities/colleges

Express Consultancy provides a variety of practical, attractive and unique services to Bangladeshi students who wish to study at international educational institutions. One of which is to bring and get the offer letter of the students from the university/college of the destination country. Express Consultancy has made it unimaginably easy for Bangladeshi students to enrol in over 1000 reputed universities/colleges in more than 35 countries including the UK, Europe, America, Australia, Asia and Canada.

Bangladeshi students must be admitted to an approved educational institution in the destination country before applying for a student visa. The consultants of Express Consultancy Firms use their software to plan the right study with their students and select the right course and educational institution. Express Consultancy’s mobile app is also able to play an unimaginable role in these cases.

Once students have selected a course, counsellors have a responsibility to help those students meet the course entry requirements and to be able to collect enrollment information and provide supporting documentation. Counsellors are then responsible for preparing and submitting student enrollment applications and providing proper guidance to students. Whether enrollment applications are paper-based or web-based, it is essential to note that the application forms are filled out correctly and attached with appropriate supporting documentation, which Express Consultancy does very efficiently for its students. Express Consultancy gives its incoming students and idea of how long it will take a student to complete the enrollment application process at the selected educational institution at the beginning of counselling and maintains regular contact with the educational institution to track the progress of the application for all students.

Skype interview assistance & English language course launching

Express Consultancy advises students who wish to go abroad for higher education to improve their English language skills. Express Consultancy provides all possible assistance if a Bangladeshi student needs to be interviewed via Skype at the educational institution of the destination country, especially as a condition of admission. Also, Express Consultancy is committed to launching language courses like IELTS or TOEFL soon, considering the need to increase language proficiency for Bangladeshi students in access to international educational institutions.