Visa Assistance

Visa assistance to abroad going students for higher education

Obtaining a visa is essential for going abroad for higher education. Many times it is seen that the immigration authorities reject the visa application of the students due to not providing the correct and required documents. These visa requirements are as simple as they are challenging, primarily since the student visa requirements in different countries depend on different categories, which is not possible to obtain a visa without proper compliance. Express Consultancy strives with all its experience to obtain 100% visa for Bangladeshi students. Express Consultancy counsels the students in compliance with all the immigration laws of the country concerned, collects the documents, fills in the visa form properly, takes sufficient time and of course bring an offer letter from a reputable educational institution and arrange for admission so that no student is deprived of his desired visa. Express Consultancy has its experienced immigration lawyer and skilled mentor and student-friendly counsellor. Express Consultancy is committed to ensuring the highest visa conversion rate even considering the student, the educational institution and above all its success. Express Consultancy never hesitates to reach the height of success, and they are the first fully digital education consultancy firm in Bangladesh to launch a mobile app service for its students. There is no other equivalent of Express Consultancy to make different ideas and quality of service more exciting and accessible for students than any previous experience.

Student Visas: Student counsellors should help students prepare visa applications, lodge and attach supporting documents to their student admission applications and monitor visa applications. Most of the information and supporting documents collected for registration application is also used in a visa application. The Student Counselor should advise on behalf of a student that visa application forms be duly filled out and submitted with appropriately supported documents. The visa application must follow the process and processing time frame of the specific destination country. Students should apply with adequate time for follow-up and travel preparation. If the application is rejected, the decision must be made to ensure that students can appeal the decision. Otherwise, students will have to decide whether to re-apply with a separate course or destination country. Students must understand and comply with visa requirements.

Visa Preparation and Processing: Immigration laws in each destination country usually have strict procedures for applying for a student visa. When preparing a visa application, Express Consultancy must ensure that the same documents and financing criteria are followed for enrollment and that the following steps are taken:

  • Recording relevant and utterly accurate information in the correct format for visa application forms.
  • Attaching relevant and authentic supporting documents.

Usually, student visa applications take some time to be processed by the immigration authorities of the destination country. Express Consultancy makes Bangladeshi students aware of the time frame for visa processing and helps students submit their visa applications on time, i.e., always keeps track of whether there is sufficient processing time between the student visa application and enrollment date.

Overview: Visa requirements may be general (e.g., relevant to all students) or specific (i.e., applicable in certain situations). When students go to a destination country, they need to understand what that particular student visa allows and does not allow them to do in addition to their studies. There are some conditions that student visas can have that it is essential to consult student counsellors to understand. Students must first know the details of each of the following topics in order to comply with these conditions as they begin their studies:

  • Other things like working, travelling and staying in the destination country.
  • Migration Regulation
  • Student visa
  • Enrollment and visa applications
  • Prerequisite

Personal Information: Express Consultancy provides detailed assistance to each of its Bangladeshi students who want to go abroad for higher education. The documents that are essential ever to get enrollment and visa in the destination country are the following:

  • Information about character and health
  • Information about financial means
  • Information on academic and language skills
  • Attach supporting documentation appropriately
  • Proof of admission to an approved course
  • Evidence of adequate health coverage
  • Apply properly
  • Pay the application fee to the correct account
  • Provide a valid passport

Student Visa Requirements: Bangladeshi, as well as students from other countries, must meet the visa requirement to qualify for a student visa. Requirements vary for different visa types and different destination countries. However, some basic requirements apply to most student visas. These include:

  • Valid enrollment
  • Academic, age and experience requirements
  • Language requirements
  • Financial means
  • Health and character
  • Valid documentation
  • Guardianship of minors

Visa Application: Express Consultancy prepares its student for the visa application once any educational institution has completed the admission process. Express Consultancy’s Student Counselors help prepare, lodge, and monitor their student visa applications so that a student can adequately submit his or her application for admission. Most of the information and supporting documents collected for registration application is also used in a visa application.